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What is Green Building?

Green Building is simply about constructing better buildings by incorporating environmentally sound practices that save money and help save our environment. As a member of the Florida Green Building Coalition, TJ McDonald Construction can help you to adopt the best practices in Green Building.
Elements of Green Building

A green building may cost more up front, but saves through lower operating costs over the life of the building. The green building approach applies a project life cycle cost analysis for determining the appropriate up-front expenditure.
  • Select a site well suited to take advantage of mass transit
  • Protect and retain existing landscaping and natural features
  • Select plants that have low water and pesticide needs
  • Use compost and mulches
  • Recycle content paving materials, furnishings, and mulches
  • Select products and appliances that promote resource
    conservation and efficiency
  • Use dimensional planning and other material efficiency strategies
  • Develop strategies to provide natural lighting
  • Install high-efficiency lighting systems with advanced lighting controls
  • Use a properly sized and energy-efficient heat/cooling system in conjunction with a thermally efficient building shell
  • Maximize light colors for roofing and wall finish materials
  • Install high R-value wall and ceiling insulation
  • Reuse and recycle construction and demolition materials
  • Minimize wastewater by using ultra low-flush toilets, low-flow shower heads, and other water conserving fixtures
  • Use recirculating systems for centralized hot water distribution
  • Use state-of-the-art irrigation controllers and self-closing nozzles
    on hoses
Green Tip of the Month

Environmental responsibility is everyone’s responsibility!

Americans use large quantities of water inside and outside of their homes. A family of four uses 400 gallons of water every day.

  • Run diswasher when it's a full load
  • Don't pre-rinse dishes
  • Water lawn twice a week
  • Purchase water-efficient products
  • Fix leaks in faucets and toilets
  • Showers save water over baths
  • Turn water off when brushing teeth